Media Coverage Stoops to New Low

The yellow journalism of the Treyvon Martin case has stooped to a new low. Local NBC affiliate WESH Channel 2 interviewed the funeral director  and is running footage of his description on the body.

This case is getting very frustrating. Why are we hearing from the funeral director instead of the medical examiner? Where is the leadership in this case? Sanford, release the information in one fell swoop! If you don’t, residents will continue to get riled up.

We need to get this issue behind us and move on. Let us see the complete file or come out and explain why we can’t.

Sanford Police Chief Steps Down For Now

Just now the Sanford Police Chief announced that he is stepping down temporarily from the Trayvon Martin homicide investigation. The city of Sanford hired a public relations firm who advised them to hold regular press conferences. The announcement was made at the first such meeting.

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