The Treasures Down the Road

Everyone in Tangerine knows that there’s a huge flea market/antique mall 4 miles north of us on US 441. I wonder how many people have been there. When it’s open on the weekends, its population is easily double or triple that of Tangerine. Yet the only thing we really notice about it is the traffic going in or out.

Well, I took a trip out there and got a few photos of what’s up in that big building on the hill. {There’s people set up out in the field too.}

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This is just of taste of what’s up there. Most of the photos were taken on Aisle D near the office. The market is so big I spent a couple of hours just in that one area. There are also shops that sell plants, crystals, sewing machines, concrete statues, cypress posts, comic books, records, plain old junk and all kinds of stuff. Much to my surprise there is a tool shop where you can buy tools right down the aisle from a farmers market booth. You name it and Renninger’s Flea Market probably has it.

Stop by if you have a couple of hours and see what you can dig up. You might find some hidden treasure.

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