Rick Singh for Property Appraiser

What does the Orange County Property Appraiser Do? Via Rick Singh

Not everyone knows what this position means and what those in the position are actually responsible for.  As someone who stands for accountability, I believe it should be understood what exactly a person who is honored with the title of Orange County Property Appraiser is actually tasked with.

An elected property appraiser in Orange County is charged with identifying, locating and fairly valuating all property, both real and personal, within the county for taxation purposes.  A local property appraiser sets a value on real property, based on current market value, including buildings and other improvements.  The method that a property appraiser uses to establish the “market” value for property is by essentially discovering the price that most people would be inclined to pay for your property in the current market.  This price is established as people buy and sell real estate in the typical real estate market setting.

While determining a fair and equitable value as part of the overall state taxation process is the main purpose of the Property Appraiser office, the office also performs other functions such as:

  • Tracking ownership changes;
  • Analyzing the market trends of sales prices, rental prices and construction costs to best estimate the value of assessable property;
  • Maintaining maps of parcel boundaries;
  • Collecting and approving applications from individuals eligible for tax exemptions and other forms of property tax relief; and
  • Keeping descriptions of buildings and property characteristics up to date.

These tasks are the core of the office and duties I am very familiar with as a former property appraiser in the private sector.  I believe that with my experience I will be able to execute these duties in the most efficient way possible for Orange County.

The election will be held in November of 2012. Local resident Steve Blanton worked with Rick at the Orange County Property Appraiser’s Office and is supports him in this campaign.

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