What is Justice Anyway?

From What to Do When the Police Leave:

Your sense of justice right now has most likely changed dramatically from before your loss. What was once only an intellectual exercise is now part of your daily life. You will crave justice – complete, uncomplicated, perhaps even bordering on revenge. You will not look at justice the same way again.

Hearing the defendant plead “Not Guilty” may seem ludicrous to you, but remember, all it means is, “Prove that I did it.” And that is exactly what the prosecution will attempt to do , but it can be a long and uncertain battle.

Thomas Lafoe is facing a First Degree Murder charge. Unless he changes his mind at the last minute, he plans to plead “Not Guilty.” What we can do for Jeff is to be there at the trial if at all possible. Certainly the defense will try to pack the courtroom with sympathizers for Lafoe.

We need to do the same for Jeff. From personal experience I can tell you that Judge Ley always notes if family/friends are in the room.  Attend the trial if you can. We really need to pack the room for closing arguments which will most likely be on June 14 or 15.  Exactly how long the trial will take is determined by factors that are currently unknowable. You can keep up with the Facebook page for updates. Please bear in mind that postings are subject to change. The attorneys and Judge Ley have the final say.


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