Six Weeks Out From The Trial

We’re about six weeks out from the trial of Thomas Lafoe for the murder of Jeff Norton. It appears the wheels of justice are starting to slowly turn. Someone is working late tonight as the last entry shown regarding witness subpoenas being returned was made around 8 pm.

Jury selection is slated for June 11, 2012 but anything can happen between now and then. Most likely one last pre-trial will be held the week before the trial to clear up any loose ends. I’ll post what I find out.

Link to mugshot and information obtained due to the Freedom of Information Act by

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  1. Hello, my name is Jennifer and I lived a few houses from both Thomas La Foe and the victim. I knew Tommy and saw him almost daily. I am still terribly disturbed by this and was emotionally effected by this having known this person. If there is any information I could share about Tommy to help know more about his character, anything contact me. I am disgusted that he could do such a hannus thing to a person. It truly scares me because this could have been me! The last run in I had with him, Tommy, he burglarized my garage and did very odd things such as digging up a three foot circumference hole in my yard to retrieve a big plant he gave me. ONLY the things that he either sold me, or gave to me, were missing in this burglary. Strange. He also cut down a hammock he put up for me. I was scared because I had this crazy man mad at me, THANK GOD I MOVED when I did. The last contact I had with either him or his girlfriend Geneva, was I took Geneva to the hospital because she had a HUGE hole bleeding from her head. A puncture wound that bled for hours before she called me to help her. I think he did it to her! I took her to the hospital and she insisted I just drop her and leave. That is the last I saw of her and never did know if she was ok. I truly hope she is. I knew Tommy for about two years and saw him almost daily. If there is anything I can share with you about him contact me please. I sincerely send my heart out to the victims friends, loved ones and anyone that this effected. God Bless.

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