Trayvon Martin Case: Vigilante Justice is Never Justified

Central Florida is the getting a lot of negative attention on social media sites regarding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Certainly this is a tragedy for the family and the community.  An independent investigation is certainly in order. However, why not let the FBI investigate instead of attending rallies led by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton both of whom have a history of interjecting themselves into politically hot situations? It is particularly disturbing to hear out-of-towners demanding an arrest before the investigation is complete. Are we heading toward a riot if one is not made?

Sanford has an egregious history of discrimination toward African-Americans. There is no dispute regarding this issue. But with all of the national attention being directed toward the case, it is doubtful that the law will not be followed in this case. This writer finds the tone of the protests and media coverage disturbing. According to the Orlando Sentinel:

The New Black Liberation Militia, a self-styled black survival group, has announced that it plans to make a citizens arrest of Zimmerman next week, the Associated Press reported.

Death threats have sent the shooter into hiding. Is this the way a civilized people handle a criminal investigation? I think not and believe Sanford is heading toward real trouble if this situation is not brought under control.

Regular readers know this blog is very anti-crime. However much I disagree with the law, and I do, particularly as far as defendant rights are concerned, I accept that this is the system and let the system work it out. [Before you say I haven’t known anyone who was murdered, check out the Jeff Norton tab at the top of this page. I know where I speak.]

The people making the worst comments online don’t live here. They don’t realize that there is a lot of crime in the neighborhood in question. I don’t know if Zimmerman is a Citizen on Patrol, but if he is, he was doing exactly what he was supposed to do UNTIL he engaged Martin. He absolutely crossed the line when he did that. Fallout from this situation will result in even more people unwilling to do neighborhood patrols.

As for the calls to the police, if Zimmerman was calling about young black men in hoodies with low slung pants in the neighborhood, that’s to be expected. There are no Urkel’s in Sanford and with a population of 48% African-American statistically one should expect that close to half of  all suspicious person reports concern them.

Questions that need to be answered:

  • What training did Zimmerman have?
  • Was he part of an organized neighborhood watch group?
  • What is his legal history?
  • Why was he patrolling the neighborhood on the day of the shooting?
  • Why was Martin suspended from school & how did he deal with authority?
  • What was Martin’s legal history?
  • Did Martin ever effect a gangster posture?
  • Was either one involved in undisclosed violent altercations in the past?

Feel free to add questions as comments on the post below. I’m sure there are lots more.

I don’t think this is going to have a good ending regardless of the outcome.


  1. I definitely will bookmark this page

  2. Typical response from someone who really lacks empathy. People like you only relate when you are subjected to the same treatment, but we know that won’t happen. And as far as Zimmerman being Hispanic…he obviously identifies himself as white, as many fair Hispanics do, and it’s obvious this was racially motivated. Many people in this country have a mixture of races but identify themselves as one. Trying to suggest that because he has some Hispanic lineage this was a minority killing another minority is absurd. He identifies himself as white; the police relates to him as white, and so does society. This was a white man who killed an innocent, unarmed black teenager. And if you’re so worried about riots than work towards changing that stupid law and stand up against racial injustice. Stand up for justice for all or just shut up!

    • The law is colorblind. This should be about crime not the race of the shooter. Talk about shutting up, I never said the law was just or it shouldn’t be changed. The fact is, that even if the law is changed it will not be changed retroactively because of this little thing called the Constitution. And of course people are worried about rioting which has nothing to do with not wanting justice for all. Quit making this about race. Instead blame former Gov Bush, the Republican legislature and the NRA for passing it in the first place.

  3. Why didn’t the police do alcohol/drug tests on the. Shooter. You sound as though you think it is ok for a vigilante to walk around neighborhood with a gun. Frankly, I don’t see where the victim’s history has anything to do with this. If this is a gated community, I wonder why it is being said that there was high crime. Zimmerman sounds as though he was the criminal here. Why was he confronting this kid at all? People who look more “suspicious” than this kid is described walk down my Street all the time. They are called tourists. Our burglars, by the way, have all been white.

    • Dear Peanut, looking at the victim is standard police practice to help solve a crime. If he was suspended from school at the time of the shooting, I am wondering if he had problems dealing with authority figures. How did he react in the past in similar situations? To have justice you need all of the facts. Once I was in a car accident the other driver caused. My lawyer asked me loads of questions I thought were unnecessary about why I was out driving at 10:30 pm that night. There should be a lot of questions asked when there is a homicide. That is common sense. As for what the police did or did not do, I have no idea. Good question. As for the gated community part, Sanford has a lot of break-ins.

  4. Contains a link to NPR story

  5. You are disgusting ! I will never visit this site again! This article left me with such a bad taste in my mouth! No wonder the parents are going so hard with people like you in FL their never get any justice!
    You just made realize how serious race issues are in the south!
    Let me guess your WHITE…….sounds like it!
    People who don’t live in your area are outraged because that type of shit doesn’t happen here! You kill a fucking child your arrested Done!!! You fucking right with don’t understand that! And why shouldn’t religious leaders go down there and help the parents and fight for justice the police aren’t doing shit!
    Your disgusting you have ruin my day I will never visit this site again

    • Just because a person was killed, an arrest doesn’t have to be made right away. There is no statute of limitations on murder. You have to make the case stick by doing an investigation first.

      As for race issues, Sanford is a true melting pot of people. The prejudice you think exists, is not overt with the young people. It’s the old people who are that way. So paint our area with a brush of prejudice for everyone. Obviously Zimmerman should be investigated but we need to let the Grand Jury sort this out. Show concern yes. Inflame the populace no.

  6. Are you serious? You obviously are not a person of color and do not recognize how this country’s racial hostility toward people of color has contributed to the negative response toward the police and Zimmerman. If there were true justice for all people we wouldn’t be having this discussion and Zimmerman would be in prison. If Treyvon had the gun there is no question he would have been incarcerated. You wonder why people are protesting? Could have to do with our history of racial injustice that continues to this day…let’s see….well we’ve had to endure, slavery, lynching, segregation, KKK, white supremacist groups, negative propaganda from the reconstruction period (which began the process of profiling/false arrests towards black people), and we are still being subjected to this crap in 2012. The atrocities that white society has placed on people of color in this country is an outrage and I for one am truly sick and tired of individuals like yourself questioning our motives and expecting us to sit back and have faith in the system when the system has always favored whites. The national attention that this case is getting is due to the injustice towards Treyvon, and the hope is that justice will be served accordingly because without this attention there obviously would have been no justice. You have failed at making an objective post (if that was your intention). You mention that almost half of the population is African America in your area, and close to half of concerned calls should be expected towards this group, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that number is higher for people of color. You’ll never be able to walk a mile in a black man’s shoes.

  7. The state attorney just announced that a Grand Jury will investigate the Trayvon Martin shooting starting on April 10, 2012.

  8. Another twist on this situation.

  9. This story raises questions as to why Martin was suspended from school at the time of his death and details school policies that could lead to suspension. Knowing this is part of a complete investigation.

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