At what point do criminals have more rights than victims?

Does anyone know? Because I sure don’t anymore.

My friend is dead. His lawnmower guy, the murderer, is enjoying life in the Pinellas County Jail and putting on weight. He gets a new lawyer so the whole trial process is starting all over again. Who’s being punished here? Yes I believe in the Bill of Rights but maybe we need to add the Bill of Rights for Victims too.

After all, we’ve been sentenced to a life-changing future influenced by this crime. Christmas, Thanksgiving and Birthdays will be forever changed in our life’s view. Relatives and friends are suffering due to this  #*$%#!’s action. We no longer live is the cozy world of friends. Unknown people are to be eyed with suspicion. Does anyone involved look at their lawnmover guy the same way?

Damn you Thomas Lafoe. Why did you have to move to Florida? What crime-ridden ways are you hiding? Have you done this before? Why not take a plea deal? You already confessed. If the Casey Anthony trial bolstered your hopes for an acquittal, think again. There can’t be that many stupid jurors in Pinellas county and I hope you get the smart ones.

Hopefully you already rue the day you killed my friend. If not, you’re going to have a long time to think about it as a guest of the State of Florida. See you at the trial.

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