State vs Lafoe Hearing July 21, 2011

Despite leaving Tangerine early this morning, we missed today’s pretrial hearing by minutes due to a traffic jam in Clearwater. I opened the courtroom door at 8:40 [the hearing was scheduled for 8:30] and saw what appeared to be the first two rows heading out. The hearing had just ended. Three people plus the victim’s advocate for Jeff’s mom were there for the hearing and three of us were late and missed it.*

However, the prosecutor was kind enough to spend 10-15 minutes with the group and those who attended filled me in on the rest. Judge Ley brought up the possibility of a plea deal saying that “Any plea offer must be approved by Mr. Lafoe.” She also admonished him “not to wait until the last minute.”

According to the Pinellas County Clerk of the Court website, Judge Ley granted a defense motion to continue. The next pre-trial hearing will be September 21, 2011 at 8:30. If the case goes to trial a possible trial date was mentioned for December.

via Facebook:

Today in court ANOTHER pre-trial hearing was set for September 21st, two months from now. The Judge informed [Lafoe] that the next time he appears before her, he will either take some sort of deal or they will set a date for the trial. It appears that the defense is building a case to discredit one of the homicide detectives, Anthony V. Foster, who initially took Lafoe’s testimony, but last month was indicted for six counts of wire fraud to deprive the public of honest services and one count of extortion.**  For now it appears the defense is continuing to stall in the hopes that more police corruption come out. Tomorrow at 7pm will mark Lafoe’s first full year behind bars. Editor: Luckily another detective was present for the interrogation according to a source so the defense attempt won’t work.

I usually try to be objective when I write about the hearings but hearing about a plea deal makes me want to gag. The defendant doesn’t have a long criminal history and is a military vet. However he killed my friend and has hurt innumerable people by his actions. I especially don’t want to see a December trial date. Juries are known to be kind before Christmas and Lafoe is not deserving of any special consideration. Additionally, Jeff’s mother should not have to have her remaining Christmas holidays tarnished by the memory of a trial for her son’s murder.

*   There was at least one additional person whom we did not know, possibly more

**Article in St Petersburg Times Additional Article

{I will probably come back and edit this so if you’re getting this by e-mail subscription, please go to the article url in a day or so to see possible revisions.}


  1. I knew this man for a very long time. My stomach turns knowing he spent time with my child. I can’t get into too much more except to state that our family found out two years into it that he is a very sick individual. HEAVILY involved in crack. He may not have a long criminal record, that is only because people did not speak up and he was never caught. May Jeff rest in peace.

    • If you want to share any more privately, just leave a message and tell me it’s private and it won’t be approved for public view. Editor

      • Also thank you for taking the time to share this. His lack of a criminal record is surely going to be brought up by his attorney who seems to be quite aggressive in his defense.

  2. Cindy Anthony was later shown to have perjured herself when she said she was home when the computer searches were made. The prosecution proved she was at work at that time.

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