John Morgan: For the People

Update: Deposition on Friday

Everyone in the Orlando media market knows of John Morgan of Morgan & Morgan. He the folksy big-name attorney with the ads touting that he’s “for the people.” His tv spots include his paralyzed brother, his son, his wife [also an attorney] and even Emma, the family German Shepard. He takes on the “big guys” for the everyday person and most likely makes a bundle doing it.

Well, John Morgan is living up to his slogan. He’s going after Casey Anthony by representing  Zenaida Gonzalez, who said her life was in shambles after Casey Anthony claimed a woman by the same name kidnapped her daughter. Some news reporters have said that Casey saw her name on the nameplate of her apartment. Anthony claims she made the name up.

At any rate, John Morgan was interviewed after Casey Anthony was acquitted and stated he was going after a large damage settlement due to her potential to make money and filed a motion to force Anthony to answer questions during a videotaped depostion. The deposition is supposed to take place before she gets out of jail  or on Tuesday July 19, 2011 in Morgan’s office.  He is concerned that she will leave the jurisdiction and go into hiding.

Reportedly Ms Gonzalez, a mother of six, has 150 potential witnesses on the witness list including Casey’s old boyfriends, and anyone who was listed as a witness in her first degree murder trial. Although some online articles are stating that Jose Baez will represent Anthony, televison reports stated today that another attorney is going to handle the civil case.

Additionally, Texas EquuSearch is suing to recoup the $112,000 it incurred in expenses during the search for Caylee Anthony when she was already dead. Anthony was served papers for that deposition today. She reportedly responded by asking “Did you send a copy to my attorney?” In both cases, Casey Anthony will be under oath. Does anyone think that makes any difference?

Update: John Morgan announced on twitter that he will make the video deposition public.


  1. […] Anthony is now free. One of her last visitors served her notice for her October deposition with Morgan and Morgan. To quote a newscaster I saw earlier today, “Justice takes many forms.” Channel 13 […]

  2. Any Anthony under oath is rather meaningless.

    Actually, all she would be required to say is this GF is not the one or sign a statement to that effect. I don’t know how he’ll be able to ask her a bunch of questions.

  3. For the people!

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