Invasive Cuban Tree Frogs

Cuban Tree Frog

Cuban Tree Frog

The critter above is an invasive Cuban Tree Frog.  This non-native species frequently enters homes through the plumbing  vents and ends up in the toilet.  This very thing happened to me last week, giving me quite a scare when I saw him staring at me when I entered the loo. Luckily, my frog went back where he came from after I sealed the toilet with several layers of Saran Wrap.  I’m normally that squeamish, but that frog gave me the heebie-jeebies. So of course I had to do a little research. They come in several colors and the females can be six inches long! So what do you do with them? Beats me. Let me know if you find out!

Cuban tree frogs were introduced to South Florida in the early 20th century, probably via shipping crates from the frog’s native habitat, which includes Cuba, the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands…Today, breeding populations are found in Cedar Key, Gainesville and Jacksonville, and lone frogs have been found in Georgia, South Carolina and the Florida Panhandle.


  1. If suffocating and poisoning and freezing a frog to death is your idea of humane I’d hate to see what you consider agonizing.

  2. How to identify, catch and kill invasive Cuban Treefrogs.

  3. Eeeyouuu gross. There was one hiding in the junk mail in the mailbox. I accidently touched it and they are sticky and gooey. I ran into the house and washed my hands. When I came out with a plastic bag to catch it, it was gone. The University of Florida tracks them and I’m afraid they’re spreading.

    • Their skin exudes a nioxious substance so avoid touching them.

  4. One of these came up in my boyfriends toilet ( in St Augustine, FL) just last week! It scared the crap out of me and was the largest tree frog I’ve ever seen. It was a dark reddish color, and ended up swimming back down the hole in the toilet, so naturally we are paranoid every time we sit down!

    • I know exactly what you are talking about, unfortunately.

  5. I found out how to humanely destroy invasive Cuban tree frogs. Put some solarcaine cream on its back (about an inch) then put in a ziplock bag. Freeze it overnight. That way it won’t reproduce or suffer when you euthanize it. The trick is that first you have to get it out of the toilet. Use a plastic bag as a glove when you catch it.

    • If you consider poisoning, suffocating and freezing a frog to death humane I’d hate to see what you consider an agonizing death.

      • The idea is to stop it from feeling anything. I too, hate the idea of killing anything but this species is invasive and eats all of the native frogs.

        • I didn’t have the proper euthanizing tools so I just put it in a zip blog bag it still hasn’t died and now I feel a little sorry for em.

          • Did you put him in a freezer? Remember that they are invasive and kill the native frogs.

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